International Year of the Periodic Table

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Twas the Night Before the Periodic Table: the classic poem, updated by Aliyah Kovner of Berkeley Lab's Strategic Communications, can be viewed in this video reenactment or downloaded in this beautiful printable format:

Berkeley Lab Nobelists: read about our 14 Nobel Prize awardees

Berkeley Lab history: explore Lab history decade by decade, from the 1930s through the 2000s; access historical materials

History of the 88” cyclotron: It had its first run in 1961. Everything but the magnet has been upgraded, and it’s still central to Berkeley Lab’s research on the physics and chemistry of the super heavy elements.

Glenn Seaborg: Berkeley Lab’s obituary and tribute to Seaborg; Seaborg by Seaborg (his story in his own words)

Albert Ghiorso: Berkeley Lab’s obituary and tribute to Ghiorso

Make your own periodic table poster or placemat! Download a PDF – child version here, regular version here – and print it out double-sided. (Best on 11” x 17” cardstock.)

Other Sites

Royal Society of Chemistry’s Interactive Periodic Table

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)’s latest release of the Periodic Table (updated Dec. 1, 2018)